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Sign up for our daily newsletter. The photos of Salvadoran migrant Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his month-old daughter, Valeria, lying face down in the shallow waters of the Rio Grande sparked outrage against the U. In response to journalists' questions June 26, Alessandro Gisotti, interim Vatican spokesman, said Pope Francis saw "with immense sadness" the photos. In an interview with Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Martinez's wife, Tania, said she and her husband decided to cross the Rio Grande June 23 after waiting for two months for a response to their asylum request from the United States.

Hoping to cross the river into Brownsville, Texas, Martinez first crossed with his daughter and left her along the bank while returning back to help his wife cross. However, upon being left alone, Valeria was frightened and jumped into the river. Rushing to save her, Martinez and his daughter were instead dragged by the current.

Tania was rescued by a person nearby, she told La Jornada.

Twelve hours later, firefighters from Matamoros, Mexico, found the two bodies, both facedown, with Valeria's lifeless arm clutching her father's neck. During his weekly general audience earlier in the day, the pope called on Christians to be more welcoming of others. While greeting Spanish-speaking pilgrims, he praised Mexico, which has seen an increased influx of Central American migrants, "because they are so welcoming, so welcoming to migrants. Addressing reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions at migrant centers, Cardinal DiNardo and Bishop Vasquez said "such conditions cannot be used as tools of deterrence.

It is possible and necessary to care for the safety of migrant children and the security of our citizens. By putting aside partisan interests, a nation as great as ours is able to do both. Contributing to this story was Junno Arocho Esteves at the Vatican. This story has been updated with new content from CNS. Does the fault lie with those who encourage them to come? Also does the basic fault lie with the Catholic Church which helped create the dysfunctional world where the migrants are coming from?

Only a few can be absorbed so the only solution must take place in the countries where they come from.

A photo from the Rio Grande captures the tragic end for a father and daughter

Considering that most Latin American countries are still at least nominally Catholic, it is unfortunate that the Pope has so little to say about the corruption and violence of those countries that has their people trying to flee to the US. Perhaps he should make a special effort to try to change those cultures. Entire populations cannot expect to move to the US and be welcomed. The US has enough problems of its own that it cannot be expected to absorb the hundred millions who would arrive with open borders.

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