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Give in, everythings going to be alright, Here we go the ones who make time Now it's time for me to go, I know, you know the fights are getting old.

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This is the last chance I have to say to you, I'm sorry but I have to go, Wash my hands of you. You say you will never change, I say that's too bad.

I'm sorry for all the things that you and I could have had. But it's your fault, all the stupid things, That you and I have done and said.

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The lies, the cries, it's no wonder that you are dead. This is the last chance I have to say to you, So sorry but I have to go, Wash my hands of you.


Your honesty is killing me. Judge Powell sentenced Violet to 15 years in prison. After the trial, Tony Marconi told Gloria and the player that there were plenty of scientists entering and leaving the dome, and that he also got his employees to reveal the flight number of one of them.

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They found the flight number in the maple orchard, which per Cathy belonged to geologist Mortimer Pickering , who attended Oxford University at the same time as Rupert. Upon learning of Mortimer's intentions, Rupert volunteered to impersonate him and infiltrate the dome to gain information on DreamLife , previously learning about geology from Jasper. Chief Parker authorized the plan while the team would look out for Mortimer. Meanwhile, the player helped Chelsea track down Anita whom Clive had suddenly fired with no pay and gave her Mason's old baby rattle.

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After all the events, Amir volunteered to help Martine to make the antidote for the Demon Fish in Rupert's absence. Shortly after, Martine suggested the team to go diving for further investigating the fish. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Chelsea Bloom.

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Clive Bloom.