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Under no circumstances should my interest in Catalan be interpreted as a proof that I do not like Spanish. I love to read in this language and usually feel quite comfortable speaking it. The only reason why I have not dedicated more time to it on this blog is that so many other people already do. To expose my lack of literary refinement, I admit not to yet have read any books by Mexican author Carlos Fuentes. He will receive the prize for his achievements not only as as a writer but also as a thinker who promotes Spanish a language of knowledge. This law requires for all secondary schools to offer classes in Spanish, although it is then up to the students themselves to decide whether they want to take them.

In spite of pressure to also offer English and French, the Brazilian government focuses solely on Spanish as the first foreign language, with the explicit intention to consolidate the Mercosur co-operation with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Technorati tags: Spanish , Wirdheim ,. Labels: Spanish Language the. Spanish sports is going through what some have called an Annus Mirabilis. Further triumphs will most likely be added when the Beijing Olympics start in a few days.

This is the autonomous community which sends the highest number of participants 94 of in total to the games, while Madrid is number two with 40 and Andalusia third with Technorati tags: Catalan , Catalonia ,. Labels: Catalonia Society , Spain Society. About our carnival tradition, people from here say that you have to be a member of a carnival association colla to appreciate it fully.

With the Festa Major it is the other way around — it is open to everyone, independently whether you live here or only visit for the day. The program is rich and includes all the elements you want to find in a true Catalan festa : traditional human towers castellers , acrobatic human towers falcons , almost daily processions cercavila of either giants, fire-spitting monsters above all dragons or other funny creations as well as sardana dance performances. Last year I was ambitious enough to make a full translation into English of the program, but this year I will focus on documenting the event.

The Festa Major representatives pabordes have created a beautiful moon inspired - since vilanovins are said to go crazy when the moon is full - web-page and I believe that you will be able to decipher the important 'whats', 'whens' and 'wheres' from the text in Catalan.

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There is still plenty of time because, let us be honest, what will happen this weekend is only the warm-up. The "real" party starts next Friday, August 1, and lasts until the following Wednesday, August 6. Labels: Festa Major , Vilanova Discover. ENG: Catalan in the News — 2. Here is finally a new summary of news related to the Catalan language: Aragon , to the crown of which Catalonia once used to belong, will carry out a language reform. Spanish will still be the only official language, but the autonomous community will be described as trilingual and the territory split into different parts based on which language was historically spoken there.

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The Catalan area will finally bear this name, a move which hopefully will end the tendency of some towns to give local names to the language — eg. The Catalan Plataforma per la llengua considers this an attack on cultural diversity and requests Tele-5 to change this decision. If not, it will recommend people not to watch the channel and also to stop buying products from its sponsors.

The reform does not give the languages official status, but aims to guarantee that they be preserved and allows for them to be used in education. In its support for regional languages, the state of France is far behind that of Spain but this change, proposed by president Nicolas Zarkozy, is a step in the right direction. Avui 1 , 2 ; VilaWeb 1 From October , the European Parliament will finally live up to its parole that languages are the assets of Europe , and add Catalan among the languages on its web-page.

The purpose was to motivate newcomers to Catalonia to use Catalan as a language for everyday communication. We Swedes were not among the 22 groups of immigrants which co-organised the event, but let us all be happy for that. Below you find a YouTube clip made to spread message from the meeting. I would not say that I like the presentation, but I do support the objectives of the initiative. And you can always focus on the nice background music. Technorati tags: Catalonia , Vilanova.

If his initial proposal to a new model for how to allocate public funds between different parts of Spain will not be accepted, Spanish finance minister Pedro Solbes has warned that there will not be any reform in this area. Today, when he meets the representatives from the autonomous communities, he will not get the requested approval, but still has to take up the negotiations.

The Catalan branch of PP is being left out of the formal discussions as long as their party do not take back their appeal against the Estatut to the Constitutional Court.

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What we see is probably an exception, but Catalan politicians are in fact proving to be able to look beyond political differences and retreat to common ground. It would be nice if they could maintain that position for a while. Up-date 1: July 22, afternoon Things are starting to heat up. Solbes now accuses the Catalans for trying to impose their model and for not respecting that the agreement must be 'multilateral'.

Is he trying to evade the Estatut which stipulates "bilateral agreements" between Catalonia and the Spanish government?

Up-date 2: July 23, midnight On the one hand Solbes seems to try to dilute Catalonia's right to a "bilateral agreement", but on the other he promises that his proposal can be adapted to the Estatut. His conclusion from today's meeting was that all autonomous communities except for Catalonia, plus those ruled by PP, were prepared to start negotiations from his model. Among the Catalan parties Esquerra has made it clear that they will not accept an agreement which CiU does not support, which means that the tripartit government will have to co-ordinate with the oppositon. At the same time CiU promises not to start direct talks with Zapatero - as they did in the final discussions about the Estatut - which in turn means that Zapatero cannot take PSC's votes for granted and focus all energy on getting CiU's support.

The Catalan unity seems to last - at least for now. Si no ara, llavors quan? ENG: Zapatero v. Some political parties try to change their profile and present new ideas to win votes.

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The electorate's support for them is stronger than ever — in the latest elections to the Spanish parliament, four of five new seats for the socialists were won in Catalonia and, at the Generalitat, Montilla manages to hold together his tripartit government, in spite of internal convulsions within his coalition partner Esquerra — but what are their visions for the future?

This weekend I thought that I would have a chance to learn more, since PSC held their congress, but I was disappointed. During the congress, PSC decided to continue to form part of the socialist group of the Spanish Parliament, and not to create a separate one. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Curvy Co-Ed Pornstar. Military Training Basic Field Manual ? Vocabulary Success 1. Mi riferisco alla legge che accorcia la prescrizione a un anno, di fatto lasciando impuniti gli autori di reati gravi, quali corruzione e riciclaggio di denaro, ma anche i provvedimenti abrogativi e reato di abuso di ufficio, fino alla rimozione del divieto di ricoprire cariche pubbliche per i condannati di corruzione o di abuso di ufficio e la depenalizzazione del reato di corruzione.

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Noi, ad esempio in Italia, vogliamo fare esattamente l'opposto. Nella direttiva per la lotta al riciclaggio di cui io sono stato relatore, siamo riusciti ad introdurre la sanzione accessoria al divieto di assumere cariche pubbliche e di candidarsi alle elezioni per coloro che hanno subito una condanna definitiva per reati di riciclaggio.

Questo deve essere l'obiettivo, Primo ministro, della Romania e di tutta l'Unione europea. Nicolas Bay, au nom du groupe ENF. Steven Woolfe NI. I worked with intelligent, smart and caring lawyers alongside me. We worked on the international rules that finally became your own legislation. What I also remember of my time in Romania was how proud they were of you becoming an independent country, how they can once again vote for their own Prime Minister, such as yourself. Be in no doubt: today, you are here to be once more one of those Prime Ministers who are to be attacked, bullied and abused by those people on the front bench for having one simple thing: the audacity to actually stand up to them and their anti-democratic ways.

You are a Prime Minister who has a vote. You are a Prime Minister that has received the backing of its people. You are standing up to those people in this room who have one vision and that is their own vision. Ich brauche von Ihnen keine Belehrungen.

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